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I am the first Democrat in 10 years to file to run for State Representative of Texas House District 73. This district has been represented by one political party for so long that many people have given up on even trying to bring their ideas to the table and have their voices heard. This must change. It is important for Democrats and Progressives to stand up and be visible and bring a more inclusive and compassionate voice to our political conversation. I believe that it is important for all of us to speak out and participate in our Democracy and that we make the best decisions when we invite everyone to the table. I truly believe that a majority of Texans are fair minded, compassionate, and ready for leaders who will listen and represent the people of Texas and not corporate special interests.

I am running because I care about equality and believe that everyone deserves a life of dignity and fair treatment.

I am a teacher, a consensus builder, and a citizen who is deeply concerned about the divisiveness of the current political climate. I bring new ideas, creative solutions, and a fresh point of view.  I am not funded by corporate money or lobbyists or committed to an extreme ideological agenda. The job of State Representative is to listen to all constituents and points of view without prejudice, to be open to supporting the best and most inclusive solutions to the serious issues facing this district and to listen to and work with anyone who wants to come to the table and solve problems. My professional experience involves teaching creativity and collaboration. Everyone needs to be heard and ideas can come from all corners. I believe we can come to discover new solutions instead of fighting over tired left versus right divisions. I know that the only way forward is when all of us can treat each other with dignity and respect.


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