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One of the primary reasons I am running is that I believe that everyone’s voice needs to be heard and that all of us deserve a seat at the table. I pledge to bring people together to solve problems and to represent the people of House District 73. Below are some of the issues that I am passionate about and I hope to hear from you about any other issues that are important to you! 


A free and public education is a right promised to all Texans by the Texas Constitution, and as your Representative I will do everything in my power to strengthen our public schools and keep the promises we made to our retired teachers. I vow to:

  • Support Teachers and Public Schools
  • Decrease Ineffective Standardized Testing
  • Fight Against Vouchers
  • Reduce Property Taxes and Fix School Funding


Access to Voting

I believe we should make sure that all eligible Texans are registered and able to vote without barriers. 

Gun Violence Prevention

We can no longer stand idly by while tens of thousands of people die every year due to gun violence and accidents. The time has come to implement evidence based solutions to decrease lives lost while protecting everyone's Second Amendment rights. 


The beautiful Hill Country of Texas is a rare gem nestled right in the heart of Texas. We must conserve and protect this incredibly valuable resource for our tourism industry, for recreation, and for generations to come. Limited water resources pose a major challenge to hill country residents and water conservation is the best way to develop the greatest quantity of new water at the least expense.


Healthcare is a human right. I will commit to defending the Affordable Care Act and I support the expansion of Medicaid in Texas.

Women's Health

Texas women have the right to decide when and if they have children.

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