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About Stephanie

Stephanie Phillips was born in Nebraska and moved to Texas in third grade from Wisconsin. Her father's first parish had been in the Panhandle town of Friona and when the opportunity came to become the pastor of a small UCC Church in Lockhart he began telling his girls epic sagas of the wonders of Texas to prepare for the big move. Despite early encounters with masses of spiders, stepping in a fire ant mound, and the Chisolm Trail Rodeo “incident,” she survived fourth grade and fell deeply and forever in love with rural Texas rugged beauty and generous people.

She later graduated McCallum HS in Austin, completed a BA in American History at Oberlin College, and a Masters of Music at Texas State. Stephanie is a professional violist and violinist and performs regularly with many of Texas regional symphonies including San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Victoria. An eclectic musician, she has recorded with Texas State’s own Salsa Del Rio and country legend Michael Martin Murphy. Outside of playing in many of the great concert halls of Texas, she has also performed at Willie Nelson’s July fourth in Luckenbach (backing up Ray Price and Willie Nelson) and seven stories below Kendall county in the concert series held in the beautiful “Cave Without a Name.”

Stephanie currently is in demand as a workshop facilitator and trains musicians in creativity and improvisation. She teaches students of all ages at schools, camps and universities in the U.S and Canada. This past summer she worked with over four hundred Texas orchestra students at seven different camps and fine arts programs. Locally she works in Title one schools (highest poverty) coaching chamber music and teaching music technique and performance. She has seen firsthand the ways in which Arts programs and other extra-curricular activities serve as a social safety net and an extended family to students who may face hardship or instability at home. She has had conversations with hundreds of students and scores of teachers about innovative ways to help students increase self-efficacy and personal agency and develop a deeper engagement in their schools and communities.

She lives in the beautiful hills of northern Comal county with her life partner Kathy Weiner and their three dogs and five cats, all rescue animals that started as fosters and became family. 


Why I am Running

I am running because I care about equality and believe that everyone deserves a life of dignity and fair treatment.

On so many issues, the Republican majority has been unwilling to listen or care about the impact of legislation on the citizens of Texas. Extremism and inability to compromise have led to a crisis in school funding, skyrocketing property taxes, and a lack of access to basic healthcare for millions of Texans.

I am running because House District 73 has been represented by one political party for so long that many people have given up on even trying to bring their ideas to the table and have their voices heard. It is important for Democrats and Progressives to stand up and be visible and bring a more inclusive and compassionate voice to our political conversation. 2018 is going to be an historic election and it is important for all of us to stand up and speak out and participate in our Democracy. I truly believe that a majority of Texans are fair minded, compassionate, and ready for leaders who will listen and represent the people of Texas and not corporate special interests.

District 73 includes some of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. Change is inevitable and we must balance the needs of long term rural residents, established communities, farmers and ranchers with the rapidly growing land and water needs of new developments and industrial projects. Local communities, including unincorporated areas, need a more powerful voice as we decide how this area is developed and we must all have a voice in the future. Our wineries and peach farms, our historic German town squares and dance halls, are a part of our heritage. I will work to balance the needs of our diverse and growing urban communities, our unique history, and our precious natural resources.

I bring new ideas, creative solutions, and a fresh point of view.  I am not funded by corporate money or lobbyists or committed to an extreme ideological agenda. I am a teacher, a consensus builder, and a woman who is deeply concerned about the divisiveness of the current political climate. The job of State Representative is to listen to all constituents and points of view without prejudice, to be open to supporting the best and most inclusive solutions to the serious issues facing this district and I have the ability to listen to and work with anyone who wants to come to the table and find solutions. I know that the only way forward is when all of us can treat each other with dignity and respect.

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